Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yellow Crystal Sun/ Yellow Electric Human - Magnetic Bat Moon of Purpose, Day 2

Tanaya Winder, (Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute).

Tanaya Winder is a poet, writer, artist and educator who was raised on the Southern Ute reservation in Ignacio, CO. An enrolled member of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, her background includes Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Navajo, and Black heritages. Tanaya writes and teaches about different expressions of love (self love, intimate love, social love, community love, and universal love).

A winner of the 2010 A Room Of Her Own Foundation’s Orlando prize in poetry, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Cutthroat magazine, Adobe Walls, Superstition Review, Drunkenboat and Kweli among others. Her poems from her manuscript “Love in a Time of Blood Quantum” were produced and performed by the Poetic Theater Productions Presents Company in NYC. Her debut poetry collection Words Like Love  was published in September 2015 by West End Press. 

Tanaya has taught writing courses at Stanford University, UC-Boulder, and the University of New Mexico. She has a BA in English from Stanford University and a MFA in creative writing from UNM. She is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of As/Us: A Space for Women of the World. She guest lectures and teaches creative writing workshops at high schools and universities internationally. She was a TEDxABQ speaker in 2013.

Tanaya is the Director of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Upward Bound Program, which services 103 Native American youth from 8 states, 22 high schools, and 8 reservations across the country. She continues to teach as an adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico.

Finally, she created Dream Warriors Management, which currently consists of Indigenous Artists: Mic Jordan, Tall Paul, the Sampson Brothers, and Frank Waln. Tanaya manages these artists, each of whom travels to perform concerts, run workshops, teach empowerment and artistic skill sets, and speak at various engagements throughout the country. She created it to bring together different talented artists, speakers, and educators who embody the values of what it means to be a Dream Warrior.*


consider the assemblage of a longing

rendered in stone so distinct it should be studied not quite

unlike Orpheus

and Eurydice who tried to return to the land of the living—

El Parque del Amor

and El Beso should be a part of this body of myths

like Rodin's Kiss,

the book in Paolo's hand, a near-miss of lips, the mouth

opens a cyclone, breaths

barely separated as the space between pages. But,

there are no gods,

no monsters, or heroes—just two unnamed bodies in history.

And maybe

in the land of the living it is certain one lover will always try to look back,

to call the other—

the way the sun continually begs the moon to rearrange


into monuments assembled in longing.*



Kin 220: Yellow Crystal Sun

I dedicate in order to enlighten
Universalizing life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of free will.

What we call memory is merely a set of conditioned images stored in the unconscious and available for recall.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2016-2017.

The Sacred Tzolk'in

Muladhara Chakra (Seli Plasma)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blue Spectral Storm/ Blue Lunar Monkey - Magnetic Bat Moon of Purpose, Day 1

Alexander Posey
Alexander Lawrence Posey, 1873-1908.

Alexander Posey, born August 3, 1873, was a Muskogee Creek poet, journalist, and humorist known for his poems and Fus Fixico letters, a series of satirical letters written from his fictional persona, Fus Fixico, that commented on local and national politics of the time. He served as the editor for the Eufaula Indian Journal before passing away on May 27, 1908.*

On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf

How savage, fierce and grim!
     His bones are bleached and white. 
But what is death to him? 
     He grins as if to bite. 
He mocks the fate 
     That bade, '‘Begone.'' 
There’s fierceness stamped 
     In ev’ry bone. 

Let silence settle from the midnight sky— 
Such silence as you’ve broken with your cry; 
The bleak wind howl, unto the ut’most verge 
Of this mighty waste, thy fitting dirge. 

A.L. Posey


Kin 219: Blue Spectral Storm

I dissolve in order to catalyze
Releasing energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled.

Not only is our body coded with number, but so is our external world.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2016-2017.

The Sacred Tzolk'in

Sahasrara Chakra  (Dali Plasma)

Monday, July 25, 2016

White Planetary Mirror/ White Magnetic Dog - Day Out of Time

Natalie Diaz, Mojave.

Natalie Diaz is a Mojave American poet, language activist, and educator. She is enrolled in the Gila River Indian Community.

Natalie Diaz grew up in the Fort Mojave Indian Village in Needles, California, on the border of California, Arizona, and Nevada. She attended Old Dominion University where she played point guard on the women’s basketball team, reaching the NCAA Final Four as a freshman and the bracket of sixteen her other three years. After playing professional basketball in Europe and Asia, she returned to Old Dominion University, and completed an MFA in poetry and fiction, in 2006.

Her work appeared in Narrative, Poetry magazine, Drunken Boat, Prairie Schooner, Iowa Review, and Crab Orchard Review.

Diaz's debut book of poetry, When My Brother Was an Aztec, was a 2012 Lannan Literary Selection, a 2013 PEN/Open Book Award shortlist, and “portrays experiences rooted in Native American life with personal and mythic power.” One important focus of the book is a brother’s addiction to crystal meth. In 2012, she was interviewed about her poetry and language rehabilitation work on the PBS News Hour.

Diaz currently lives in Mohave Valley, Arizona where she directs a language revitalization program at Fort Mojave, her home reservation, and works with the last Elder speakers of the Mojave language.*


Dome Riddle

Tonight I am riddled by this thick skull

this white bowling ball zipped in the sad sack carrying case of my face,
this over wound bone jack-in-the-box,
this Orlando’s zero, Oaxacan offering: cabeza locada, calavera azucarada,
   cenote of Mnemosyne,
this sticky, sweet guilt hive, piedra blanca del rio oscuro,
this electric tom tom drum ticking like an Acme bomb, hypnotized explosive
   device, pensive general, scalp-strapped warrior, soldier with a loaded God
this Hotchkiss-obliterated headdress, Gatling-lit labyrinth,
this memory grenade, death epithet, death epitaph, mound of momento mori,
this twenty-two part talisman wearing a skirt of breasts, giant ball of masa,
this god patella in the long leg of my torso, zoo of Blake’s tygers and canines,
this red-skinned apple, lamp illuminated by teeth, gang of grin, spit wad of scheme,
this jawbone of an ass, smiling sliver of smite, David’s rock striking the Goliath
   of my body,
this Library of Babel,  homegrown Golgotha, melon festival,
this language mausoleum: chuksanych iraavtahanm, ‘avi kwa’anyay, ‘ava iiyaly
   sumach nyamasav,
this amygdale cage, misery penitentiary, hidden glacier hungry for a taste of titanic
this pleasure altar, Frenchkiss sweatshop, abacus of one-night stands, hippocampus
   whorehouse, oubliette of regret,
this church of tongue, chapel of vengeance, cathedral of thought, silvery-blue dome
   of despair, attic confessional, plaza del toro y pensamientos,
this museum of Tribal dentistry,
this commodity cranium cupboard, petrified dream catcher, sun-ruined basketball I
   haul—rotten gray along the seams—perpetual missed shot,
this insomnia podium, little bowl in a big fish, brain amphitheater, girl in the moon,
this 3 a.m. war bell tolling, tolling, duende vision prison, jar of fading stars,
this single scoop vanilla head rush, thunder head, fast ball, lightning rod,
this mad scientist in a white lab helmet, atom bomb mushroom cloud, ghost of
   Smoking Mirror,
this hot air balloon, forgetful chandelier, casa de relámpago,
this coyote beacon, calcium corral of hot Perlino ponies, night blooming cereus,
   gourd gone rattle, bankrupt factory of tears,
this Halloween crown, hat rack, worry contraption, Rimbaud’s drunken boat afloat
   in the wine dark belly of my personal Monstruo,
this coliseum venatio: Borges’s other tiger licking the empty shell of Lorca’s white
this underdressed godhead, forever-hatching egg, this mug again and again at my

and all this because tonight I imagined you sleeping with her
the way we once slept—as intimate as a jaw, maxilla and mandible hot,
in the skin—in love, our heads almost touching.*

Natalie Diaz


The Day Out of Time is the last day of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, a day which is no day of the week or month at all, but a day to celebrate our galactic heritage and creative unification! It is up to us to co-create the world that we would like to see.


Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror

I perfect in order to reflect
Producing order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of death
I am a galactic activation portal
Enter me.

The Earth and myself are one mind.*

*Stat Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Sahasrara Chakra (Dali Plasma)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Red Solar Earth/ Red Cosmic Moon - Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, Day 28

Santee Frazier, Cherokee.

Santee Frazier is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. He holds a BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts and an MFA from Syracuse University.

He is the recipient of various awards including: Syracuse University Fellowship, a Lannan Foundation Residency Fellowships, and most recently The School for Advanced Research Indigenous Writer in Residence.  His poems have appeared in American Poet, Narrative Magazine, Ontario Review, Ploughshares, and other literary journals. His first collection of poems Dark Thirty was released by the University of Arizona Press in 2009.*


Ritual of Sunrise

Out on the shine off the street there is the reflection of the coming
bustle of dawn, of plastic and bolted steel, neon and industry caught in
the asphalt. And as the grass sweats—the groan of machinery echoing
off masonry—the dust rises, sewing itself in the fat of trees, shining
the faces of men in the ditch under hard hats, shoveling dirt, whose
language rolls the tongue of digging. The clank and song are ancient, a
music hidden away in the busting soil and rock. This almost ritual of
sunrise, of shovel, and the gearing mechanisms of progress reminds
me of the time I saw a man finger-painting a wall in unlaced high-tops.
Smearing gold into brick. His face shined like gunmetal, and when I
saw him suck the gold from the paper bag, I knew his ritual had something
to do with time travel, with brick, before mineral, polygon, the
invention of wheel, story of flat, firing of clay. And now making my
way through this city whose streets are named by numbers and minerals—the
sunlight breaking the haze of dust & exhaust-I realize the
oldest thing in this city is drought.*

Santee Frazier



Kin 217: Red Solar Earth

I pulse in order to evolve
Realizing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of space.

Noosphere Pause: Day 364 of the 13 Moon year. The noosphere is the aggregate of the advanced states of mind and consciousness that characterize all intelligent life throughout the universe.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Anahata Chakra (Silio Plasma)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yellow Galactic Warrior/ Yellow Crystal Star - Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, Day 27

Cathy Tagnet Rexford, Inupiaq, 

Poet and playwright Cathy Tagnak Rexford was born in Alaska and is of Inupiaq, French, German, and English descent. She earned an MFA from the University of British Columbia, where she is currently pursuing a PhD. Grounded in photography and lyric documentary, her poetry has appeared in various anthologies. Her chapbook Black Ice appeared in Effigies: An Anthology of New Indigenous Writing, Pacific Rim (2009), and individual poems have appeared in Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry (2007) and To Topos Poetry International (1999). She is the author of A Crane Story (illustrated by Sini Salminen, 2013). Her plays include The Namesake and, with Challen Wilson, The Winter Overture; Rexford also works on short films. She has received fellowships from the First Peoples House of Learning and the Rasmuson Foundation.*


The Ecology of Subsistence
Cathy Tagnak Rexford

No daylight for two months, an ice chisel slivers
frozen lake water refracting blue cinders.

By light of an oil lamp, a child learns to savor marrow: 
cracked caribou bones a heap on the floor.

A sinew, thickly wrapped in soot, threads through 
the meat on her chin: a tattoo in three slender lines.

One white ptarmigan plume fastened to the lip of 
a birch wood basket; thaw approaches: the plume turns brown.

On the edge of the open lead, a toggle-head harpoon 
waits to launch: bowhead sings to krill. 

Thickened pack ice cracking; a baleen fishing line 
pulls taut a silver dorsal fin of a round white fish. 

A slate-blade knife slices along the grain of a caribou 
hindquarter; the ice cellar lined in willow branches is empty.

Saltwater suffuses into a flint quarry, offshore 
a thin layer of radiation glazes leathered walrus skin. 

Alongside shatters of a hummock, a marsh marigold 
flattens under three black toes of a sandhill crane.

A translucent sheep horn dipper skims a freshwater stream;
underneath, arctic char lay eggs of mercury.

Picked before the fall migration, cloudberries 
drench in whale oil, ferment in a sealskin poke.

A tundra swan nests inside a rusted steel drum; 
she abandons her newborns hatched a deep crimson.*



Kin 216: Yellow Galactic Warrior

I harmonize in order to question
Modeling fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of universal fire.

Each application of the synchronic order to realize a more integrated state of mind and being accelerates the entire evolution of the planet.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Muladhara Chakra  (Limi Plasma)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Blue Resonant Eagle/ Blue Spectral Hand - Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, Day 26

Jennifer Elise Foerster, Muscogee (Creek).

Jennifer Foerster

Before makers
there were maps.
There was skin. Stone.

There was time:
the ripening
of corn. Moonlight

and her shadow. Grief
given space: a circular
shelter. We stayed inside

for a number of days.
Stacked rocks around ourselves.
The clock was a gate.

There were highways.
Mined gashes.
We were slit, bled.

Slid to the ledge
of the dark province.

There were crosses: spiders
to sew shut the wounds
we reaped for you, Magdalena.*


Jennirfer Elise Foerster received her MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts (2007) and her BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico (2003). From 2008-2010, Jennifer was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University. She has received a Lannan Foundation Writing Residency Fellowship, along with fellowships to attend Soul Mountain Retreat, Caldera Arts, the Naropa Summer Writing Program, Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, and the Vermont Studio Center. Foerster's first book of poems, Leaving Tulsa, was published by the University of Arizona Press in 2013, and was a Shortlist Finalist for the 2014 PEN Open Book Award. Of German, Dutch, and Muscogee descent, Jennifer is a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma. Jennifer grew up living internationally, and now lives in San Francisco while concurrently pursuing her PhD in English and Creative Writing at the University of Denver.*


Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle

I channel in order to create
Inspiring mind
I seal the output of vision
with the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

World Noosphere Day. Feast of Mary Magdalene (Catholic). an utterly clear mental field is required to create laser-like focus.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Visshudha Chakra (Alpha Plasma)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

White Rhythmic Wizard/ White/ White Planetary World-Bridger - Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, Day 25

dg nanouk okpik, Inupiak/ Inuit.

Split Bone

by dg okpik

A break in the blood vessel from split bone
like a porcupine quill pierces my ulcerated foot.

Decrepit I walk with wolverines
on the edge of the ice shelf. I neatly stitch

with two threads a cyst containing blood.
In the opposite poles of a cell a shallow alcove,

of the northern Pacific a right whale swims
in a rancid blue stew full of milk salmon

which feed brown bear. I transfuse quantum
in gradients of one minus energy, a closed universe,

foraging death in a another body, mixing with black
blood, I become a carrion beetle, bones outside.

A figure shaped like an inverted heart
stiffly mingling between body blue inuas spirits.*


dg nanouk okpik is Inupiaq, Inuit originally from Alaska's Artic Slope. Her family resides in Barrow, Alaska. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from the Institute of American Indian Arts and an MFA in Creative Writing from Stonecoast College. 

okpik is a recipient of a Truman Capote Fellowship. Her poetry has been published in Touchstone, Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry, Many Mountains Moving, Poet Lore, Washington Square, Red Ink, and Sentence. 

Her first chapbook was included in Effigies: An Anthology of Indigenous Writing from the Pacific Rim (Salt Publishing, 2009). Recently she her poetry has been anthologized in Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas, (University of Arizona Press, 2011). okpik's first full-length book Corpse Whale is forthcoming in October 2012 from the University of Arizona Press.*



Kin 214: White Rhythmic Wizard

I organize in order to enchant
Balancing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled.

Calm indifference refers to bearing the slings and arrows of fate, the criticism and hostility of others; having equanimity in the face of loss or gain.*

*Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Galactic Research Institute, Law of Time Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2015-2016.

The Sacred Tzolk'in 

Svadhistana Chakra (Kali Plasma)